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XING Profile of Acrobat 3D PDF Publisher Wallace Jackson

This page covers the Wallace Jackson XING Profile. This profile is a living resume located on the XING website. The profile includes Google Android content design including GoogleTV Design, JavaTV Applications and JavaFX production references, as well as connections with e-Branding, e-Learning and Marketing Executives at leading international branded manufacturers. The Xing profile details Wallace Jackson's iTV HD display industry expertise in over a dozen areas related to his multimedia advertising agency, new media management consulting, rich media content design, iTV Applications Development and Mobile Applications Development practice.

Wallace is currently connected with several hundred European Executives via XING in the areas of Interactive Television, Human Resources, Product Marketing, Corporate Branding, Customer Support, Tradeshow, Exposition, New Media and e-Signage, making him a well-connected individual within the iTV rich media content design industry segment. Mr. Jackson, through his brand marketing and advertising industry connections, is ultimately connected to over 2 million EU business professionals via XING. To Connect to Wallace via Xing, simply send an invite via your XING profile using the mindtaffyllc@yahoo.com e-mail address if needed.