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Wallace Jackson has been designing Rich Media Corporate and Branded 3D Websites since the first internet browsers were released. He uses no "drag-N-drop" software packages to write his code, instead opting for simple text editors used by computer programmers.

In fact, if you right-click on most of these sample websites and "view source" you will see only around 20 lines of code that make up the entire website. This yeilds a data footprint of less than 8KB per webpage and ensures that the website works like it is being viewed on DSL even when it is being viewed via modem or cellular network (mobile).

This section contains some of the most recent websites that Wallace Jackson has hand-coded out of the hundreds of sites he has crafted during his career. Samples include e-Commerce websites, iTV websites, Magazine websites, e-Book sites and Interactive 3D sites.

Mobile Applications and website examples can be accessed via the Mobile section of this website and are optimized for currently popular Wide-VGA (800 by 480) handsets, as are the 3D eBook sites on the above menu at the left.