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With the advent of Visual Social Media such as that found on popular websites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Digg, perfection in your visual social media has become extremely important in effectiveness of one's viral new media campaigns via social media engines.

The Viral New Media Design created by digital artist Wallace Jackson exhibits a number of key characteristics necessary for the success of digital new media content, if it is going to be distributed virally, that is, passed along from viewer to viewer, whether it is via social media, e-mail attachment, 3D eBook or physically, using USB keys.

The most important thing is that the new media must be well designed, have a useable user interface and compelling user experience, all wrapped around interesting content. The next most important aspect is the Data Footprint of the rich media, as it needs to be small enough to not shut-down someone's e-mail accounts, as large Flash and Digital Video files can often do. If games or interactive product demos are a megabyte or less, people will have no qualms forwarding the content along to friends and associates to experience! Another important aspect is cost: A 1MB file will cost 100 times less to distribute tnan a 100MB file.