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CelCards New Media Created by Wallace Jackson

A new and exciting opportunity for viral new media campaigns is Viral Mobile Rich Media Content.

Viral New Media for SmartPhones is now a possibility due to the incredible PC-like capabilities of today's Android SmartPhones such as the Sony Xperia.

Today's Mobile Devices have anywhere from Half-VGA (320x480) to Wide-VGA (800x480) resolution screens, powerful Intel Atom and xScale processors, Gigabytes of memory and storage, and even DV and 3D co-processing power.

This processing power in the Mobile Handset allows new media campaigns similar to what can be developed for the Desktop Internet, and with NetBooks somewhere in the middle all lines of distinction become blurred.

Wallace Jackson uses open source technologies such as Android, OpenGL, JavaSE and JavaFX to be able to deliver campaigns across all devices and platforms, allowing access to billions of devices and viewers with a single new media digital campaign.