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Interactive Log Cabin Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the hottest new digital content formats for the PR industry is the EPK or Electronic Press Kit.

This new form of digital new media utilizes the .PDF file format and Adobe Acrobat Reader, which, since Version 7.0 has supported advanced rich media data types such as i3D, digital video & digital audio.

The Key to making a Viral EPK is making the .PDF file small enough to pass along easily, say 1MB or maybe 2MB in file size. This requires knowledge of content optimization not only during the publishing phase of content creation but also during the UI and UX design phases.

Wallace Jackson has created Electronic Press Kit EPK PDF Documents for a number of major industries, including: Entertainment, ipTV, Personal Computer, Consumer Electronics, Commercial Real Estate Development and Music Publishing.

If you need Viral EPK new media content design and production services, please contact Wallace Jackson via the MindTaffy website.