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Tyco BrandGame Created by Wallace Jackson

The production of Viral BrandGames is not a trivial undertaking, and involves graphics design, 3D modeling, complex programming, data optimization, gameplay design and a myriad of other factors to create a compact and successful viral brandgame.

The Platform upon which the game is designed is of great importance if gameplay is to be arcade-like and fast moving to challenge the player. Platforms like Flash are great for cardgames, wordgames, and similar casual games, but more robust platforms such as the Torque Game Engine, Unreal Engine (UDK3), Android or JavaFX should be considered for viral BrandGames due to their speed and to their cross-platform and cross-device capabilities. Both Torque, USK3 and JavaFX can deliver across all OSes and Mobile as well as Set-Top and Game Console platforms.

Wallace Jackson has delivered BrandGames in both the popular Torque Game Engine and JavaFX development environments. If you are looking for a professional viral brandGame development resource that can develop cross-platform, cross-device brandGames in under 2MB contact Wallace vis the MindTaffy website.