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Acrobat 3D Content Created by Wallace Jackson

Adobe's Acrobat 3D Rich Media Technology is ideal for viral new media campaigns for several reasons.

The PDF document publishing format is the worldwide standard in document publishing, and thus all of the major entities, organizations and governments are already using it as their standard document publishing format.

Since Adobe added new media formats such as Digital Video and Interactive 3D [i3D] into the Acrobat Reader in Version 7.0 (the current version is V10) PDF files can now feature photo-realistic virtual products and 3D animation that can be used for product marketing, advertising campaigns, e-Learning and EPKs [Electronic Press Kits].

Wallace Jackson has been creating viral new media advertising and training campaigns since the PDF format became multimedia savvy, and has the unique ability to optimize the data "weight" of the entire published PDF to less than one megabyte of data footprint, which allows the easy and quick viral pass-along of the PDF and it's new media campaign.