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Wallace Jackson has been involved with new media User Interface Design since he began producing new media for industry leaders ViewSonic & Western Digital in 1991. Currently he is working on iTV UI Design via JavaTV.

Since 1991, Wallace Jackson has produced UI Designs for dozens of the world's leading brands and manufacturers, for use in a wide variety of business objectives such as e-Signage, e-Learning, Virtual Product Demonstration, Tradeshow Multimedia, Electronic Press Kits [EPK], Set-Top Box UI, BrandGames, AdverGames, Websites, 3D PDF, Mobile Applications, ipTV and iTV Applications.

Attributes which set Mind Taffy Design crafted UI and UX Design apart from the rest are: data weight or data footprint (applications in under 1MB total data), and photorealism. Because Mind Taffy is able to leverage i3D in the UI and UX Design, the company is also able to program iTV applications and i3D simulations, which opens up a world of i3D PDFs, Virtual Worlds & MMORPG.

Examples of UI Design and UX Design created by Mind Taffy Design can be found on a number of sites which are referenced throughout this website, as well as on the portfolio websites and via social media networking sites.