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Tyco Ocean Adventure Created by Wallace Jackson

The Tyco Ocean Adventure Product Demo was created during 2007 & 2008 and was delivered in 2008 for use at industry tradeshows to interactively demonstrate Tyco's EloTouch brand touchscreen technology and its HD LCD panel high image quality.

The BrandGame was specifically created to maximize Tyco's digital signage touchscreen product performance, and was optimized to be only a few megabytes to allow viral transmission to sales force personnel or dealers if product demos were needed.

The BrandGame was developed using a AAA game engine, which enabled deployment across multiple O/S Platforms and Game Consoles, as well as popular Mobile Phone Platforms. The game was also ported to JavaFX, allowing it to run on every O/S, browser, mobile phones and HDTV Set-Top Boxes.

A space shooter BrandGame was also developed for Tyco in under 2MB of total data footprint, including all new media game assets, program logic and the game engine. BrandGames are an ideal new media vehicle for applications that need to be viral or widely deployed across many platforms and devices.