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Mind Taffy Design Logo Created by Wallace Jackson Tyco EloTouch Ocean Adventure 2MB TouchScreen BrandGame

During 2007 and 2008 Tyco Electronics utilized the talents of Digital New Media Artist Wallace Jackson to create their cutting-edge 3D and i3D rich media to promote their LCD touchscreen displays. Tyco had just acquired TouchScreen and Multi-Touch manufacturer EloTouch Systems, and needed product demos to show the superiority of their TouchScreen Digital Signage solutions. Tyco hired new media leader Mind Taffy Design to create HD i3D BrandGames in under 2MB. A mobile phone version of this brandgame coded in JavaFX can be seen on www.JavaFX3D.com and uses only 3/8 of one megabyte (384KB) for all code and game assets.

The Tyco EloTouch Space Shooter BrandGame project was created in the Torque Game Engine environment from GarageGames in only 2MB of total data footprint. The BrandGame features particle systems, sound effects, touchscreen drag-object arcade style gameplay and shows the high quality graphics capabilities of EloTouch HD LCD Displays and TouchScreen overlay resolution. The game was recently ported to JavaFX.

Tyco EloTouch Ocean Adventure BrandGame project accomplished similar HDTV product demo objectives to the space shooter, in an underwater environment that showed off the HD LCD Display quality.