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Tyco EloTouch BrandGame Created by Wallace Jackson

In 2007 Wallace Jackson and Mind Taffy Design was hired by industry leader Tyco EloTouch to create two TouchScreen BrandGames for Tyco Electronics' recently acquired EloTouch Systems Brand.

The BrandGames needed to demonstrate both the continuous touch (finger-drag) capabilities of the TouchScreen, as well as the visual capabilities of the high quality HD LCD display.

This had never been accomplished before via touchscreen technology, and Wallace Jackson worked with the developers of the Torque Game Engine to implement support for the TouchScreen API and delivered the world's first continuous-touch (drag during gameplay) touchscreen brandgame.

In addition to accomplishing these myriad technical objectives, Mind Taffy Design's Wallace Jackson also managed to deliver the entire brandgame in 2MB of total data footprint, including all programming logic, graphics, animation, particle systems, and the game engine itself. The brandgame was also ported to Sun JavaFX as well.