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3D Educational Children's Storybook eBook

The Pod Squad website hosts a custom Educational Children's eBook 3D animated website designed and developed by digital artisan Wallace Jackson for The-Pod-Squad.com. The 3D eBooks were also created by Mind Taffy Design for Krillogy.

Wallace Jackson was hired to create the website, eBooks, Interactive Television Programming, Virtual World and Brandgame. 3D new media assets are built around the educational children's storybook characters.

The Pod Squad website, created in less than 1MB of total 3D assets and between 12 and 19 lines of code per page serves as an internet resource for 3D Educational Children's Storybook eBooks, allowing viewers to preview information on the authors and how the eBooks are created as well as buying the 3D eBooks and gifts and writing customer reviews.

Wallace Jackson also created the Krillionaire Website and Krillogy Website in only 1MB of total data footprint. All three websites work prfectly on Smartphones, Tablets, iTV sets and e-Readers with zero device detection or code modification. One set of hand-coded HTML5 code works seamlessly across all browsers, operating systems, platforms, networks and consumer electronic devices.