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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

TEAC hired Wallace Jackson in 1994 to create their product demos for the vanguard SuperQuad Branded 4X CD-ROM drive, the fastest in the industry.

The objective that TEAC Executives brought to Mind Taffy Design was to utilize new media content to demonstrate visually the speed advantages of the SuperQuad 4X CD-ROM over it's 2X CD-ROM competition.

To accomplish this objective, Mind Taffy artisans created visual new media content that just barely was able to play smoothly on the SuperQuad 4X CD-ROM, that is, we developed conent that maxed-out it's data throughput so that the product capability was 100% utilized to play the rich media smoothly.

Of course, when this same content was played through the mainstream 2X CD-ROM drive it cold not handle that level of data throughput and the content playback and display looked stilted and unprofessional. Mission Accomplished! The SuperQuad went on to establish a commanding market share and lead over competing CD-ROM products and TEAC was established as the industry leader in this area.