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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

Sun Microsystems [SUN] utilized leading-edge new media and e-Signage content created by 2003 by New Media Artisan Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design.

The multimedia content was produced to show-off the SUN High-Def computer display products at the popular Comdex tradeshow in Las Vegas. This digital signage campaign leveraged 3D product demo multimedia that showcased the visual X!Factor needed to show off SUN's HDTV-resolution Trinitron e-Signage technology in their exposition booth. The 3D new media campaign was very successful. Mind Taffy Design was later approached to design user experience (UX) via SUN's vanguard JavaFX programming language created for RIA (rich internet applications). Mind Taffy Design is also using Sun's Java and JavaFX programming language to design and develop games and applications for Samsung's Bada Mobile Phone OS released in Q4 of 2009.

MindTaffy truecolor mobile resolution product demos feature 3D imagery, 3D animation, 2D photographs, calibrated to each product's Gamma Curves and display technical specifications, and are programmed and data-optimized into 1000X more compact data footprint than Flash or Digital Video. Wallace Jackson is now producing content for SmartPhones that run Samsung Bada O/S.