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i3D Trinitron CRT Created by Wallace Jackson

During 1999 & 2000 Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design created the Sony Trinitron Interactive 3D Brand Website in 3 different content develeopment paradigms: Cult3D, Java & Director Shockwave3D.

The i3D new media content was not only usable on the internet but was also usable in retail and at tradeshows due to the high visual quality and compact data footprint (384KB). The content was used on a separate TrinitronAdvantage branding website to promote the Trillion Dollar Brand until it was retired a few years ago.

The Interactive 3D product simulation allowed the viewer to take a CRT apart and go inside the vacuum tube and see how the electron beams that created the image on the screen were created (via the electron gun component) and aligned and animate (via the deflection yoke component).

The Sony Trinitron Technology Tutor (TTT) use advanced physics, particle systems, draggable User Interface (UI) and Interactive 3D (i3D) Technology to provide a seamless, compelling and interactive User Experience (UX) Design.