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Sony Nav-U On-Unit Product Demo Created by Wallace Jackson

Sony NavU GPS On-Unit Product Feature Demo was created in Q3/2007. The Mobile Electronics Division brought Wallace Jackson in to create the new media content due to extremely fast turn-around times, in fact, the time horizon for the entire project was less than 6 days from the initial meeting at Sony's San Diego HQ in Rancho Bernanrdo.

The on-unit product features demo needed to fit into two megabytes of system ROM, leverage new 3D assets and existing image compositing, and conform to Sony's Corporate Style Guidelines. The resulting 2MB new media deliverable was optimized to work within Nav-U's 15-bit colorspace hardware capabilities; at the same time, it was color-optimized to appear as if it were being displayed in truecolor! This was the same colorspace optimization that MindTaffy Design had achieved for Samsungs Nexio.

Some previous Mind Taffy Design projects created by Wallace Jackson for Sony Electronics include the Trinitron i3D Brand Website, Trinitron HD Product Demos, Sony LCD, RPTV and Dual-Screen Product Demos, Tradeshow Digital Signage & Sony Memory Stick User Interface and User Experience Designs.