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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

In 2002 Mind Taffy Design was asked to prototype a vanguard new i3D User Interface and User Experience for the Sony Memory Stick product.

Digital Artist Wallace Jackson came up with the concept that the Sony Memory Stick data storage product was like a "Swiss Army Kinfe" of data storage, and created an interactive 3D photorealistic Army Knife where each blade and tool represented a different type of filetype (data type) that would be stored by consumers (end-users).

The "data footprint" of this complete 9 blade army knife User Experience (UX) was 64KB! of total data footprint, including: all 3D modeling, hierarchies, texture mapping, programming logic, and UI.

The project can be seen upon request by prospective clients wishing to hire Wallace Jackson and Mind Taffy Design to create i3D programming deliverables for their various business objectives. i3D can be used for e-Learning, e-Signage, e-Mail Campaigns, Digital Tradeshows, Exposition Booths, Product Virtualizations via PDF file format, website user interfaces, and mobile user experiences.