Wallace Jackson : EDITORIAL : Solar Magazine

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Wallace Jackson is a Contributing Editor for Solar Magazine covering Green Products, including: Solar Water Heating, Solar Electricity Generation, and Wind Power Generation, among others.

Topics covered in articles and reviews on SolarMag.com will include Solar and Wind Product Reviews, Technology Overviews, Installation Articles, How-To Articles, Commercial Projects, Company Biographies, Research and Development Articles, Scientist Biographies, Patent Overviews and similar stories of interest regarding the Green Revolution.

The "data footprint" of this new website is going to be under a megabyte including all code, user interface, editorial content, interactive 3D product and technology simulations and visual imagery.

Wallace Jackson is involved with a number of "Green" projects including a $10B Mixed-Use Real Estate Development, a Green New Media Content Production Facility, and this SolarMag.com Magazine covering Leading-Edge Green Technologies, Projects and Products.