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Samsung Nexio Product Demos Created by Wallace Jackson Samsung Nexio Product Demos Created by Wallace Jackson

The Samsung Nexio WVGA HandPC On-Unit Product Demos were created during 2005 and 2006. The one megabyte on-unit product demo deliverable was created for Samsung's Nexio HandPC branded product, and was color-depth optimized to look like truecolor on Nexio's 16-bit color WVGA LCD screen. The JavaFX version of the interactive product demo is at: www.JavaFX3D.com

A Samsung Nexio HandPC i3D Product Virtualization was also created using i3D technology (Viewpoint VET & Acrobat 3D PDF) in less than 8KB (VET) in order to completely virtualize the product, such that it could be used anywhere via modem connection, as well as be used as viral new media via e-mail attachment or download.

The Samsung Nexio WVGA HandPC i3D User Interface (see Samples section of this website for imagery) was created using 3D animation and cross-browser XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, using less than 512KB of data footprint, and was designed from curves extracted from the 2D Nexio Logo EPS/AI file. The Nexio Logo 2D Vector file we were given to work with was vertex-optimized to contain 100X less data during our work process, and returned to Samsung for future new media use. MindTaffy recently became a mobile application developer for the new Samsung Bada Mobile O/S.