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Samsung Nexio Product Demos Created by Wallace Jackson Samsung Nexio Product Demos Created by Wallace Jackson

During 2001 Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design was hired by Samsung Electronics to create the Samsung Nexio Handheld PC Rich Media On-Unit Product Demos and Product Virtualization using Viewpoint VET i3D Technology.

The On-Unit Product Demos consisted of custom imagery to show off the WVGA screen using PowerPoint for Win CE and an Interactive 3D User Interface and Product Features Demo that used Internet Explorer Windows CE Edition to provide a Rich Internet Application (RIA) User Experience (UX) for viewers of the product at tradeshows and in retail environments.

Mind Taffy Design also virtualized the Nexio in less than 8KB of total data footprint using Viewpoint VET Technology and in less than 256KB using Acrobat 3D technology. Examples can be seen on the 3D4PDF website if needed.

The Samsung Nexio On-Unit Product Demo User Interface featured a custom telescoping menuing system with animate sub-UI elements and 3D controls to provide a fantastic user experience (UX). Wallace Jackson also recently became one of the first new media content developers for Samsung's Bada Mobile OS Platform.