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Virtual World Log Cabin Created by Wallace Jackson

The Java centric Samsung Bada Mobile Platform is one of the newest and most hardware-supported SmartPhone development platforms internationally.

This is really no surprise, as Samsung Mobile Phones are the most prolific handhelds in terms of models and sales quotas. A Samsung Bada SmartPhone is essentially a miniturized personal computer with advanced CellPhone features and leading-edge new media functionality.

Wallace Jackson is one of the first Samsung Bada Java Applications developers, and has been developing RIA new media applications since 1999 using Java AWT and is currently developing multimedia projects using JavaFX 1.2.1. Clients can expect to see a number of hot Samsung Bada mobile O/S applications from Mind Taffy Design by the time 2010 arrives, including games, ringtones, screensavers and social media applications.

If you company is looking to develop innovative mobile new media applications and websites for deployment via Samsung Bada O|S SmartPhones, be sure to contact Wallace Jackson through the Mind Taffy Design website at: www.mindtaffy.com when your team is ready to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for Samsung's vast Mobile User Base.