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The Pod Squad

New Media Samples of Rich Media Campaigns created by Mind Taffy Design's Lead Digital Artist Wallace Jackson can be found in this section, as well as on a number of websites across the Internet, including The Pod Squad website shown at the left.

Other samples, such as those requiring HDTV TouchScreen and Multi-Touch Displays can be reviewed when meeting in person with Mr. Jackson regarding New Media Content, 3D eBooks, Mobile Apps, UI or UX Design, and Brand and Ad Campaign Development.

Acrobat 3D PDF interactive 3D product demos and eLearning simulations can be found on 3D4PDF.com

Java 7 and JavaFX cross-platform and cross-device rich internet applications (RIAs) can be found on the 3D4JAVA.com website.

Digital Signage brand campaigns and product demos and e-Learning simulations can be found on the WOWsignage website.

Website Design for cross-platform and cross-browser rich internet applications (RIAs) can be found on their respective websites.