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Proficient Audio Source Keypad

During Q2 of 2009 Wallace Jackson was hired to virtualize Proficient Audio's Source Keypad product by one of Proficient's Distributors, so that their installers could use the i3D simulation to see how the product was wired and installed.

The "data footprint" of this i3D or Interactive 3D Acrobat PDF new media simulation is 397KB including all 3D assets, 2D assets, User Interface, Programming code and PDF publishing overhead.

This represents about a 100-fold (100X) filesize savings over a similar linear digital video or Flash presentation, which would have been around 39MB.

The i3D product virtualization, shown at left, was hand-modeled in less than 2000 data points, texture mapped (skinned) using custom Adobe Photoshop images created from vector artwork, animated in Autodesk 3D Studio MAX, exported in 128KB of total data into Adobe Acrobat Professional, where a custom i3D User Interface, Programming Logic to implement the i3D Simulation and UI, and 2D elements were published into a PDF.