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i3D Proficient Audio Product Created by Wallace Jackson

Mind Taffy Design's Wallace Jackson was hired by one of the Proficient Audio distribution partners to create an Interactive 3D e-Learning simulation for their customers, clients and installers.

The Acrobat 3D Source Keypad product simulation is less than 400KB in data footprint and includes a 3D User Interface (UI), i3D Virtual Product with full animation, programming logic, 2D User Experience elements that make the e-Learning simulation fun.

The Proficient Audio Source Keypad e-Learning PDF document is a standard PDF document except for the fact that instead of a picture of the SOurce Keypad product there is a fully-functional i3D object that can be animated, moved, rotated and scaled.

Wallace Jackson has been creating interactive 3D [i3D] virtual products since 1997 when he became a user of MetaStream (not ViewPoint) and Cult3D i3D programming environments.

Mind Taffy Design delivered the easliest interactive 3D virtual products to Sony (Trinitron & Memory Stick) using VET & Cult3D i3D programming logic.