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Virtual Product i3D New Media Content

Development of successful New Media Content involves leveraging the right development tools, programming languages, data codecs, rendering engines, playback engines, synthesis methodologies, iTV Platforms and UI/UX design concepts, all developed around a thorough knowledge of the O/S, Platform, Player, Browser, Processor and Consumer Electronics Devices upon which the rich media content is ultimately going to be delivered.

The Work-Process of how the new media content is created, refined, composited, and assimilated together is of tantamount importance to achieving a pristine and data compact end-result, especially via SmartPhones and iTV sets. Interactive New Media has a number of variables that traditional static (print) and linear (Video/TV/Film) mediums do not include, such as User Interface, Operating Logic, User Experience, Data Optimization and Platform Detection and Delivery Logic, to name just a few.

Wallace Jackson has been "scratch" modeling, coding, optimizing and publishing rich media content using ZERO Drag-N-Drop tools for two decades for the world's largest brands and manufacturers. He is able to deliver Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in less than one megabyte of total data for iTV Applications, SmartPhone Apps, Internet, i3D and Viral Mew Media Content.