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Naymz Profile for iTV Designer Wallace Jackson

This section outlines networking specifics relating to the Wallace Jackson Naymz Profile. This Naymz multimedia producer profile outlines the digital rich media e-content development expertise of Digital Talent Wallace Jackson, regarding the "scratch" creation of "clip-media free" new media content and UI | UX designs for emerging technologies such as SmartPhones, iTV sets, iDVD HD Players, Home MEdia Centers, Set-Top Boxes and e-Boof Readers.

The Naymz profile outlines Wallace Jackson's international iTV multimedia production clientele and branded e-projects by year (1991 through 2011) over the past two decades, as well as his history as CEO and Lead Digital Artisan for Mind Taffy Design and CTO for WOWsignage, including advanced university degrees in Business and Economics [BA UCLA], MIS/IT Design and Implementation [USC MBA], Digital Marketing Strategy [USC MSBA], and his graduation from the USC Graduate Entrepreneurship Program.

Mr. Jackson, through his entertainment industry connections, is connected to thousands of executives on Naymz. To Connect with Wallace, simply send an invite via your Naymz profile using the mindtaffyllc@yahoo.com e-mail if needed.