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MyHDTVinc Mobile Created by Wallace Jackson

The Mobile Website for MyHDTVclub is the MyHDTVinc Mobile Rich Media Website. This website was created using less than 160KB of total data, and runs smoothly on all SmartPhone OSes, including Samsung Bada, on all Mobile Browsers, and on all Desktop Web Browsers.

Wallace Jackson is also creating MyHDTVinc Mobile Applications for SmartPhone control and playback of ipTV Live HD Concerts using the JavaFX platform. The JavaFX platform runs on top of the JavaME platform currently installed and operational in 2,600,000,000 Mobile Handsets Worldwide, the latest being the Samsung Bada.

Mind Taffy Design was also hired by MyHDTVinc to create the MyHDTVclub website, artist brandgames, screensavers, virtual world, digital imaging and other new media and Rich Internat Applications (RIA) Programming needed to implement the MyHDTVclub concept via digital cellphone networks & platforms such as Samsung Bada, Google Android, Apple iPhone and Windows SmartPhone.

If your company needs to have a cross-platform, cross-device Mobile plus Desktop plus Widget New Media Platform or Branding Campaign developed from scratch or with pre-existing assets, contact Wallace Jackson via the MindTaffy website.