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MyHDTVclub Website Created by Wallace Jackson

The My HDTV Club is a Live HDTV Concert streaming website and mobile application that streams HD concerts from the leading international artists performing in live clubs and stadiums in the West LA, Los Angeles and Hollywood areas, out to their fans located all over the world.

Mind Taffy Design was hired to create the website, the mobile website, virtual world environment and brandgames built around the performing artists, from music giants such as Disney, Universal, MTV, Sony, BMG, Live Nation, TicketMaster and Warner.

The MyHDTVclub.com website, created in less than 768KB (three-quarters of one megabyte) serves as an internet hub for live HD streaming concerts, allowing viewers to view live music from the most historic landmarks in Hollywood, California in the comfort of their own homes.

Mind Taffy Design also created the MyHDTV Corporate Mobile Website, MyHDTVinc.com in only 160KB of total data footprint. The site is compatible with all Mobile Browsers and SmartPhones featuring HVGA (Half VGA or 320 by 480 resolution) Screens, as well as the latest Mobile OSes such as Samsung Bada and Google Android.