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Multimedia Websites developed by digital artisan Wallace Jackson for Mind Taffy Design and their clientele in 1MB of data footprint run without modification on all consumer electronics devices and operating systems.

These multimedia productions are compatible with a wide range of Internet 2.0 new edia content delivery platforms, such as: Smartphones, Tablets, iTVs, e-Readers, Game Consoles, PCs, Laptops, NetBooks and iDVD Players.

Mind Taffy Design Website: www.MindTaffy.com

ePublish Interactive Website: www.ePublishi.com

Visual Social Media: www.VisualSocialMedia.com

Wallace Jackson is constantly using the latest open source technology, along with i3D, creative user interface design, and digital innovation, to deliver the most vanguard end-user experiences to his clients and their customers. And he's doing it invariably using 12 to 25 lines of code and 1MB to 2MB of total fata footprint.

That yeilds HTML5 websites that run over 3G networks like their applications that are installed already on the smartphone or tablet. Amazing.