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CelCards e-Greeting e-Cards Created by Wallace Jackson

Phase Two of the Internet (Also Known As: Internet 2.0) will be Mobile, encompassing SmartPhone Web Browsing, HTTP-savvy Mobile Applications, Mobile RIA's (Rich Internet Applications), Mobile Social Media Applications and BrandGames on advanced mobile platforms such as Samsung Bada, Google Android and Apple iPhone.

Digital Artist Wallace Jackson positioned his digital media advertising campaign development company, Mind Taffy Design, from the onset of it's inception to deliver rich media content via low-bandwidth modem, mobile and SmartPhone networks and consumer electronics devices.

The reason for this was that Mind Taffy has always developed new media campaigns and digital properties that ran smoothly via existing 56K Modem networks, via data optimization techniques & work processes developed over 18 years in the New Media, UI & UX Design business.

Mobile and SmartPhone networks exhibit a similarly constricted capacity to modems; this is due to cellular network physical limitations and end-user traffic and congestion. Thus the internet market, now emerging on mobile platforms such as the Samsung Bada, has come full circle, back to needing highly optimized, photo-real digital content; which is exactly what MindTaffy develops.