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Mind Taffy 3D Logo Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson's rich media content production facility on North Santa Barbara's historic Point Conception Peninsula is also Environmentally Optimized, leveraging solar and wind power.

Wallace Jackson also produces "Green Content" which is data-optimized to be up to 1000X more data compact than "industry standard" Flash and Digital Video content. This is done by using the end-viewer's PC to process content, or SmartPhone and OS such as Samsung Bada.

Why is this Green? Client-Side New Media uses the Viewer's PC, which is already on, and consuming power, to create the new media content, rather than rooms full of expensive (non-green) servers.

It is far more Green (and effective) to leverage the client-side processing power to create new media content, and the data itself is 100X more compact, sometimes even up to 1000X more compact than Flash or Digital Video. Additionally, client-side real-time "rendered" new media is responsive to the end-user's interactions with the new media content. Contact us for new media development projects, including applications and BrandGames for the latest Mobile and SmartPhone O/S, the Samsung Bada.