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LinkedIn #2 Expert Wallace Jackson | iTV applications developer

This section of the website describes the Wallace Jackson LinkedIn Profile. The profile is a living resume located on the LinkedIn website. The profile includes dozens of industry references from Marketing Executives at leading brands and manufacturers, as well as outlining Wallace Jackson's industry expertise in over a dozen areas related to his new media management consulting, advertising agency content production, virtual worlds, i3D, iTV, User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design and digital new media content production practices.

Wallace has established himself as one of the top two All Time Top Experts on LinkedIn by answering industry questions in related areas of expertise, and has been awarded hundreds of "expertise points" in response to "Best Answers" awarded for answering industry questions posed by his peers. Mr. Jackson is connected with several thousand Marketing, Branding, e-Learning and e-Signage executives on LinkedIn, making him one of the most well-connected individuals in the advertising industry market segment. Mr. Jackson is ultimately connected to over 18 million business professionals on LinkedIn. To Link to Wallace, simply send an invite from your LinkedIn account to: mindtaffyllc@yahoo.com