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Educational Children's Storybook 3D eBooks

The Krillogy corporate website was created in 2011 to promote a series of educational children's storybook 3D eBooks written by client Krillogy International and CEO Victoria Wagner. 3D Renderings and eBook Programming and Publishing was performed by new media design agency Mind Taffy Design in Northern Santa Barbara County on the Point Conception Peninsula.

Wallace Jackson was hired to create the website, which runs across all Internet 2.0 platforms, including Smartphones, Interactive Television, Tablets, e-Readers, Laptops, PCs and Game Consoles, using one single codebase and no systems or browser detection logic.

New media assets are built around performing artists from music giants such as Disney, Universal, MTV, Sony, BMG, Live Nation, TicketMaster and Warner. The MyHDTVclub website, created in less than 768KB (three-quarters of 1MB) serves as an internet source for live HD streaming concerts, allowing viewers to view live music from the most historic landmarks in Hollywood, California in the comfort of their own homes. Wallace Jackson also created the MyHDTV Corporate Mobile Website, MyHDTVinc.com in only 160KB of data footprint. See the Mobile section for more information.