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KDS Visual Sensations Campaign Created by Wallace Jackson

Korean Data Systems [KDS] hired Wallace Jackson in 1995 to create their print, web and digital media collateral for their Visual Sensations Brand.

After Mind Taffy Design had finished the product demos for CTX we got a call from the VP of Marketing at KDS USA in nearby Garden Grove, California. He wanted us to create "Visual Sensations" for the new KDS brand as we had done previously for ViewSonic, OptiQuest, Western Digital and CTX International.

Mind Taffy created lifesize posters using the latest 3D software and technologies, as well as a 3D website that ran on all popular browsers and an entire line-up of custom truecolor XGA and SXGA resolution product demos that featured Visual Sensations such as special effects, 3D imagery, 3D animation, 2D image compositing, digital paintings, algorithmic textures and custom 3D screen transitions, all perfectly calibrated to each KDS display product product gamma curve, contrast ratio, refresh rate, physical resolution and so on.

The result of the Visual Sensations new media content in marketing and branding the new products was exactly what had been ordered by KDS Management. Jaws hit the floor at the industry tradeshows and dealers signed up!