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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson's latest Rich Internet Application [RIA} is the JavaFX3D.com Website, which outlines the various uses of Sun Microsystem's new JavaFX programming language for creating compact, leading-edge new media end-user experiences.

This website will run identically on every popular browser and on every computing platform, as well as on Mobile Phones, SmartPhones, PDAs, Set-Top Boxes and DVD Players. This is because Sun made the JavaFX development platform 100% Cross-Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris) as well as "Cross-Device" (PC, Mobile, SetTop, PDA, NetBook).

What this means is that content created for business objectives can be consumed without modification by the largest number of viewers possible. Billions of cellphones are compatible with JavaFX and billions of personal computer users and internet surfers cal also view Java content, which has been around since Version 1.0 Browsers! Add to all of this that JavaFX is royalty-free and open source and you have a Win-Win scenario for all involved. If you need the coolest new media campaign developed for your business give us a call.