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JavaFX Applications Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson has been delivering rich media and RIA under Sun's Java technology since 1999 when he created Sony's Trinitron Brand website using Java 1.0.2 AWT. The latest new media savvy version of Java supporting RIA and new media development is called JavaFX version 1.3, which supports Desktop PC Applications, Widgets, Website Applets, Browser-based Rich Internet Applications, or RIAs, Mobile Phone and SmartPhone Applications on every mobile platform, Interactive TV or iTV Applications development via JavaTV, Set-Top Box UI development, and even Java-powered HD DVD Players will be supported in JavaFX version 1.3. Simply Amazing.

These capabilities position JavaFX as the leading new media content development tool for a large number of emerging digital arenas and iTV platforms, including: e-Signage, e-Learning, Electronic Press Kit [EPK], Virtual Products, Product Demonstration, Tradeshow and Retail POS & POP Multimedia, Rich Internet Applications [RIA], Mobile Applications, SmartPhone Websites, BrandGames, User Interface, UX Design and other leading-edge new media applications that accomplish business objectives.

The "data footprint" of both JavaFX and JavaTV's player environment and of the content developed by Mind Taffy Design can be measured in just a few megabytes. UnReal.