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MyHDTVclub ipTV Website Created by Wallace Jackson

Internet Protocol Television, also known as ipTV is today's terminology for digital video content that's consumed over a digital network, such as an iTV network, the internet, or mobile phone network. Interactive Television, or iTV, refers to iTV applications played inside an iTV set via HTML5, JavaTV or GoogleTV technology.

The key to a successful ipTV User Experience (UX) and iTV Application is Data Optimization of the content, such that it has a very high HD visual quality within a relatively small data footprint or data "weight."

Wallace Jackson and his agency Mind Taffy Design have been creating/optimizing digital video content for iTV Display Industry Leaders for two decades, and recently have been optimizing HD Live Concert footage for the leading Music Television brands and producers, taking 6+GB source files and delivering 4MB Mobile and iTV Applications and compact SmartPhone playback streams.

Wallace Jackson has also been brought in to design, program and optimize content for leading ipTV websites such as MyHDTVclub.com (shown at left) which streams live HDTV Concerts from Hollywood's Sunset Strip and LA Concert Venues to international fans all across the globe.