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Wallace Jackson is a Contributing Editor for ipTV Magazine covering Internet Protocol Television [ipTV], including: data compression technologies, data optimization, ipTV Programming, ipTV Content, ipTV Live Events, ipTV HD Concerts, ipTV Standards, ipTV Regulations, ipTV Hardware, ipTV Products, ipTV for Mobile and SmartPhones and the ipTV Industry.

Topics covered via articles and reviews on the all new ipTVmag.com will include Product Reviews, Technology Overviews, Industry News, ipTV Content-Related Articles, How-To Articles, Commercial Projects, Company Biographies, Research and Development Articles, Artist Biographies, Patent Overviews and similar stories of interest regarding the ipTV Publishing Industry.

The new website is going to be under a megabyte including all code, user interface, editorial content, interactive 3D product and technology simulations and visual imagery. ipTV streams will be optimized into 2MB to 4MB streams for easy viewing on any network bandwidth. Wallace Jackson is involved with a number of ipTV development projects.