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Virtual Avatar Created by Wallace Jackson

The Popular iPhone Mobile applications development environment allows compelling new media content to be created on the Apple iPhone Mobile Platform.

Digital Artist Wallace Jackson has been hired by the Made Up Movies Corporation to create digital movie poster applications for their new movie industry projects, which include BrandGames for two 2010 release films, user-created printed posters, Desktop and Mobile Websites.

Besides iPhone several JavaFX capable Mobile Phone OSes will be supported, including Samsung Bada, Google Android, Windows Mobile, RIM, Palm, and Nokia Symbian.

Wallace Jackson has been developing new media RIA (Rich Internet Applications) using Java for over a decade, since he created Sony's Trinitron Brand website using Java 1.0.2 in 1999.

If you need a mobile phone application, brandgame or website created for the Apple iPhone, but also needs to be distributed and usable on the other 95% of cellphone handsets worldwide, contact Wallace Jackson via the www.MindTaffy.com website or the www.JavaFX3D.com website.