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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

International Business Machines [IBM] utilized leading-edge new media and DVD content created in 2002 by New Media Artisan Wallace Jackson of MindTaffy.

The multimedia content was created to promote IBM computer display products at the international Comdex computer tradeshow in Las Vegas. The digital signage campaign utilized 3D product demo multimedia that leveraged visual WOW!Factor in order to show off IBM film-resolution Trinitron e-Signage technology in their exposition booth. The new media campaign was so successful that Mind Taffy Design was subsequently hired to produce a DVD-ROM containing the rich media as well as custom printed CD cover artwork.

The truecolor Film resolution product demos featured 3D imaging, i3D animation, 2D photograph images calibrated to each product's Gamma Curves and display technical specifications, and was programmed and data-optimized in a 100X more compact data footprint than Flash or Digital Video. Wallace Jackson is now producing content for SmartPhones that run Samsung's Bada SmartPhone OS. If your company requires new media product demos that fit into one or two megabytes of data footprint and run on every platform and device, contact Wallace Jackson for a project estimate.