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i3D Product Visualization Created by Wallace Jackson

Interactive 3D, or i3D is the latest new media technology to make use of the 3D game engine hardware found in every PC, PDA, LapTop, NetBook, iTV set, NoteBook, SmartPhone, Set-Top Box, iPod, iPhone and Game Console currently being manufactured.

i3D has the smallest data footprint, usually less than one megabyte, of any type of new media today. Compare this to 100MB Flash files or 1GB Digital Video and you will see why i3D that is 100X to 1000X less data "weight" than other forms of new media is vastly preferable for both viral new media campaigns and non-viral rich media projects.

The reason i3D uses an order of magnitude less data that image-based "pixels and frames" new media is that it is primarily text data! This point data and program logic is interactively "rendered" in real-time by the 3D hardware engine now in every consumer electronic device; the user controls the experience!

This 3D4PDF.com and Acrobat-3D.com websites and some other websites referenced herein will explain more about i3D as well as providing samples and references to projects created for leading international brands.