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Hip-Hop Cyborg iTV Design Created by Wallace Jackson

The new media HTML5 standard, currently supported in all browsers by 2010, allows end-users to have immersive new media experiences using ZERO plug-ins (Flash) and open source royalty-free formats like OGG and MPEG4.

Browser Support includes 10X faster and free versions of popular browsers from Apple (Safari 4), Google (Chrome 3), Mozilla (FireFox 3.6) and Opera 10.5, and iTV browsers. O/S support spans Windows, Mac or Linux, and SmartPhone support via Google Android, iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry, Samsung Bada and Nokia Symbian. HTML5 is everywhere; it's lightning fast and it's free!

The open source HTML5 solution currently in every browser is 100% in-line with the hyper-data-compact new media development approach and design methodologies created and utilized by MindTaffy Design over the past 19 years to deliver digital media campaigns to the world's largest brands and manufacturers.

All of Mind Taffy Design's websites have been upgraded to HTML5 and we are now creating vanguard, data-optimized HTML5 desktop and mobile websites for our international clients. All future projects, new media digital campaigns, viral rich media and mobile websites will be hand-coded in HTML5 in less than 1MB of total data.