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i3D Log Cabin Created by Wallace Jackson

To Navigate this iTV website, select a topic area from the center menu list, and then use the metal bar top menu to navigate to whatever sub-topics interest you. The top of the site will specify what section and topic you are currently in at any given time.

To Print any page on this website select the Print Option from your browser File menu, or right-click and select the Print option. In the printer settings, select "Landscape" to better fit the site to the shape of the page, and possibly "Monochrome" to save your color ink reserves.

This website runs identically on every popular iTV browser, SmartPhone Browsers, HTML5 browsers and via all network platforms. Browser support includes the latest versions of Safari, Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Flock, Google Chrome, and this site works well even via a modem connection, as each page is optimized to be less than 10KB of total data footprint on average.

If you are looking for contact information, it can be found on the Mind Taffy Design corporate website: www.mindtaffy.com under the Contact section. Information regarding submission of an RFP to Wallace Jackson for a new media project can be found on the MindTaffy website under RFQ/RFP.