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Tyco TouchScreen Product Demo BrandGame

Wallace Jackson was the first multimedia producer to create a TouchScreen i3D BrandGame Design in order to produce two interactive touchscreen brandgames, each in less than 2MB of total data footprint, for HD touchscreen display industry leader Tyco Electronics and their newly acquired subsidiary ELOtouch Systems.

The Game Design was coded in both the Torque Game Engine as well as in JavaFX for Mobile Networks and JavaTV for iTV Networks, with the JavaFX and JavaTV versions both taking less than 384KB of total data footprint for all: program logic, 3D game image assets, user interface design, scoring engine and text content.

One of the games was a Space Shooter with 3D ships and particle systems for rocket flames and explosions and the other was an Underwater Ocean Adventure BrandGame that used flawless image compositing to allow fish, shells, bubbles, mines, worms, subs and other gameplay graphics to be seamlessly fused into interactive real-time video, controlled by the user via gameplay.

Wallace Jackson is currently developing games for iTV as well as SmartPhones, HD DVD Players, eBooks and eSignage via open source technologies such as JavaFX, JavaME, JavaTV, GoogleTV, HTML5, Python and Lua.