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i3D Ergotron LX Mount Arm Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson's Production Firm Mind Taffy Design was hired in 2005 to create the Ergotron LX Mounting Product using i3D in the ViewPoint and Acrobat 3D formats.

The company gave Mind Taffy Design a 40GB CAD file and Wallace Jackson hand-modeled the entire product, including dozens of sub-parts and sub-assemblies, into 133KB of i3D data weight.

The "data footprint" of this 128 section website is 960KB with less than 3KB per pageload of hand-coded XHTML, a CSS stylesheet (loaded once on the first pageload) of less than 3KB, and dozens of super-clear images and 3D animations all in less than 512KB of total dataspace.

The WallaceJackson.com webpage serves as an internet hub, allowing reviewers to access a plethora of salient materials that showcase and describe the digital new media artwork, clientele, and content production capabilities of Multimedia Digital Artisan Wallace.