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Editorial by Wallace Jackson

Contributing Editor Wallace Jackson has been writing for the leading multimedia publications about his work in new media content development since the advent of Multimedia Producer Magazine nearly two decades ago, when he wrote about computer processor architectures for center-fold (removable "mini-issue" insert) distributed at SIGGRAPH.

Since then Wallace Jackson has written for several other leading magazine publications about his work in interactive 3D and new media advertising campaign design, including 3D Artist, Desktop Publishers Journal, CrossMedia, AVvideo and Kiosk Magazine (which has been purchased by NetWorld Alliance and has rebranded as Kiosk Marketplace).

This section outlines the current publications that Wallace Jackson is a Contributing Editor for, covering industry tradeshows, leading-edge technologies, hardware products, software reviews, book reviews, new media projects and digital advertising campaigns that Mind Taffy Design is currently working on, and environmental [Green] products, projects and technologies.