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Sony Trinitron e-Signage Created by Wallace Jackson

One of the newest areas to leverage new media content in the public eye is e-Signage, which is also known as Digital Signage, and it's everywhere now.

Wallace Jackson has been creating digital signage content since 1991 when he was hired by HD Display Manufacturer ViewSonic to create the e-Signage utilized by ViewSonic at their tradeshow booths and in-store locations to demonstrate the quality and wow!factor of their product line.

Over the past eighteen years many of the leading digital signage display manufacturers, including Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, NEC, Epson, Christie Digital, EIZO, Nanao, KDS, CTX and a dozen others have hired Wallace Jackson to create e-Signage content that was used by the sales team to demonstrate the quality of the display.

For this reason, Wallace Jackson is perfectly positioned and experienced in creating digital signage content that grabs the attention of the audience as well as maximizing the characteristics of the display product that is utilized in the e-Signage Network.