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NorthStar Stadium Resort

With the arrival of TouchScreen and MultiTouch technology, e-Signage Virtual Worlds are now a "Reality," ready for Public Immersion into Branding.

Wallace Jackson is a certified Virtual Worlds developer, who also has been working with the leading digital signage manufacturers for the past 18 years. This puts him in a position of both technical ability and industry experience as far as developing interactive virtual worlds for the e-Signage industry and leading international brands. One recent project he is spearheading combines virtual worlds and e-Signage technologies to span both the virtual & real world realities (NorthStar shown here).

The "data footprint" of virtual world new media, including e-Signage projects, is extremely compact compared to digital video and Flash, up to 1000 times smaller on some projects. Additionally, Virtual Worlds are immersive and interactive; the users essentially creates their own experience on the fly (non-linear content) versus digital video, where all the viewer can do is watch (linear content). The opportunity going out in digital signage is to allow the viewers to participate in the content's User Experience (UX). Virtual Worlds allow this and also allow those on the internet to participate as well.