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Hip-Hop Cyborg Created by Wallace Jackson

To accomplsh successful e-Signage Set-Top Box User Interface and User Experience Design requires a very specific and exacting skill-set indeed.

Most Set-Top Boxes these days run a set of robust open-source software packages so that no royalties have to be paid, bringing Set-Top Box prices into a more competitive, expanding marketplace due to demand from expansion of the e-Signge Industry.

Today's Set-Top Box runs a Linux OS with Opera and JavaME and/or JavaFX, which provides all of the advanced new media and compositing tools needed to develop an overlayable, HD, animated interactive User Interface (UI) combined with a "Hollywood" User Experience (UX).

The skillset of digital artisan Wallace Jackson contains the exact "modules" needed for the development of a vanguard Set-Top Box UI and UX. Java Programming since Java V1 for over a decade, Algorithmic Compositing via PhotoShop since V2, 3D Modeler, Programmer and Animator, Game Developer including real-world Physics, UI and UX Designer for Sony, Samsung, Tyco, Nokia, Dell, Compaq, ViewSonic, Epson, Sun, SGI, KDS and IBM.