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i3D for Acrobat Player Created by Wallace Jackson

Wallace Jackson offers extensive e-Signage Player Support so that his new media production company, Mind Taffy Design, can produce e-Signage Campaigns for all of the popular player paradigms that are out there.

Broadsign is one of the popular digital signage content creation and distribution environments in the world. Wallace Jackson is certified by Broadsign to create the highest quality content and templates for use with the Broadsign Media e-Signage system. If you utilize Broadsign's products Wallace Jackson can provide the highest quality new media designs that are compatible with the Broadsign Media Player Line-Up.

CoolSign is one of the partner companies that Wallace Jackson has worked with even before they were affiliated with Planar Systems. Wallace Jackson can create content that is compatible with CoolSign products and players at the highest level of quality

Harris manufactures an extensive line of e-Signage players and set-top boxes, all of which use software delivery paradigns which Wallace Jackson has been developing content for for well over a decade for the major international HD display manufacturers.